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Size: Small, Medium
Color: Small [brown], Small [fawn], Medium [brown], Medium [fawn]
USA Alpaca Glove & Mitten sizes guide.

80% USA alpaca fiber. So soft and warm!

80% USA alpaca fiber Mittens, All-Terrain Gloves, & Driving Gloves.

Mittens that are also fingerless gloves!


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Product Specs

  • Contents: 80% NEAFP Alpaca; 20% nylon blend.
  • Glove weight: mid-weight.
  • Care Instructions: Hand wash gently in mild soap. Line dry.
  • Gloves manufactured for the New England Alpaca Fiber Cooperative with 100% United States alpaca fiber.

Product Description

Experience the best of both worlds: a fingerless glove in a mitten!

These soft and warm alpaca Glittens offer the warmth of a mitten and the dexterity of a fingerless glove, making them the perfect fit for any activity that necessitates quick access to your fingers. Only the thumb digit is completely knit.

Harnessing the natural characteristics of alpaca fiber, these Glittens retain warmth without bulk due to microscopic air pockets in alpaca fiber that make alpaca both lightweight and an excellent insulator from the cold. In addition, alpaca fiber is naturally moisture wicking and breathable, retaining body warmth in both dry and damp conditions.

If cold weather discomforts you, you will be pleased to experience the warmth, finger coverage, and ability to use your fingers when it’s time to get to work that these alpaca Glittens provide. For your convenience, the mitten flap is easy to fold back and attach to a secure button.