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Size: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large
Color: Color variable & dependent upon manufacturer: beige to bay black.
100% natural burlap betwixt 100% densely-felted HeartFelt Creations alpaca fiber.

Use this chart to compare men's & women's show sizes.

Quarter or Mid-calf [formerly "Heavy"] Thermal Alpaca socks! Cozy warmth and comfort!

Comfort, warmth, & durability!

INSOLES: HeartFelt - Comfy/Xtra Durable

Price: $17.50

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Product Specs

  • WARNING! DO NOT machine wash & dry!
  • WASH with a gentle soap in lukewarm water.
  • DRY: flat or line dry.
  • 100% environmentally friendly, USA Alpaca fiber felted to natural burlap for stability.
  • NO harsh chemicals or processes are used to grow, shear, or process this alpaca fiber. The fiber represents a blend of natural Alpaca fiber colors. It is NEVER dyed.
  • SMALL: women's shoe sizes 5-7.
  • MEDIUM: womens's shoe sizes 8-10.
  • LARGE: men's shoe sizes 8-10.
  • EXTRA LARGE: men's shoe sizes 11-13.
  • See Sizing Chart for further help.

Product Description

Warmth and Utility perfectly fused!

Ideal for cold-weather outdoor activities, HeartFelt ALPACA Creations Insoles add premium value to footwear. Made with layers of Alpaca felt batting sandwiching a layer of Natural Burlap, HeartFelt insoles are also made larger than typical insoles, creating a fit that hugs the sides and heel of the foot to add amazing additional warmth and comfort! {My customers attest to that!} Wear these comfortable and sturdy insoles with the OUTDOORSMAN Alpaca sock and/or choose either the Mid-Calf or Quarter THERMAL Alpaca sock for amazing warmth and comfort this winter!

The LARGER CUT allows for use in wider shoes, while still cupping the foot and providing a very comfortable fit.
The NATURAL BURLAP LAYER stabilizes the insole so that it doesn't bunch up in your shoe after extended wear.

HeartFelt ALPACA Insoles are manufactured with GREATER DENSITY than typical Alpaca felt insoles in order to CONTINUE TO CUSHION YOU FEET EVEN AFTER EXTENDED WEAR.

How long will a HeartFelt Insole last? That really depends upon how often you wear them. In general, however, a pair of HeartFelt Alpaca Insoles lasts for about a year before beginning to show enough wear so that you would be inclined to replace them.

REMEMBER: Your feet experience the wear & tear of aging. Protect your feet with Alpaca shoe insoles and slow the natural aging precess.

Care Instructions: HAND WASH. DRY FLAT.
TRIMMING TO FIT: Fit the insole into your shoe before trimming. If there is room in the shoe for the insole to fit up the sides and around the heel a bit, this will add lots of additional warmth and comfort for your feet!

Copy & Paste into GOOGLE the following web address in order to view a brief video illustrating the manufacturing of HeartFelt ALPACA Insoles: