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Sunday, April 19, 2020

IF Alpaca Shrinks or Felts, THEN... (LaCroix Alpacas)

Oops!  My alpaca shrank!

Oops! My alpaca shrank!

"Help! My Alpaca Shrank!" or How to Re-Shape Shrunken Alpaca Apparel.

To repair shrunken alpaca apparel, try the following instructions:

In a clean sink or tub, dissolve two [2] times the normal amount of any gentle hair conditioner in room-temperature water [not cold]. Soak the alpaca item in this water for one [1] hour. If too much conditioner has been dissolved, it doesn’t matter.

After one hour, rinse the item gently in room temperature water [not cold]. Rinsing in cold water might shrink the item further so be careful that the water is never cold.

Drain the water from the sink or tub and very gently press the item against the sides of the sink or tub in order to drain excess water. Do not wring the item.

Avoid stretching the item by gently rolling it in a towel before removing it from the sink or tub.

Lay the item out flat on a very thick & very absorbent clean, color-neutral towel: i.e., a towel that won’t bleed its color onto the alpaca item.

Gently blot away excess water with another clean towel. Because alpaca fiber does not retain water, blotting away the water with towels is very effective.

Once the excess water has been blotted away, gently pull the item into its original shape.

Allow the item to air dry on a flat surface, such as a sweater drying rack or on clean towels, periodically turning the item over onto a fresh, dry towel in order to dry the entire item.

But can felted alpaca apparel be un-felted? Maybe. A loose-knit alpaca item that has felted might be un-felted by following the same instructions above for alpaca items that have shrunk. It’s worth a try!