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Sunday, July 21, 2013


A well-ventilated barn.

A well-ventilated barn.

I want to share something that we've done to increase natural air movement in the animal area downstairs in the barn. Large, ground-floor window openings [no glass] are cut in the hemlock siding [pictured]. They open to the inside of the barn. There are also large window openings at each end of the roof. With the bank barn doors also opened, the air flowing up the stairs from the ground level is greatly enhanced, increasing the natural breeze that flows through the animal area below.

The construction of the openings is simple and inexpensive. In addition, there is no glass to clean so the alpacas have a healthy view of the outdoors all year, even during the winter months, when we often open either a few or all of the windows during the day. The openings have also been covered with 9-guage galvanized chain link [not yet pictured] for protection of the animals.

If you have questions [e.g., How do you close the gable openings easily?], just contact me, Patti LaCroix.

There is an awning extending over the large bank barn doors that helps to keep rain out of the barn upstairs during warm weather.
Simple bank barn awning designed to keep rain out of the barn.

Simple bank barn awning designed to keep rain out of the barn.