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June 02, 2021

By: Patti LaCroix

HALTERS That Fit! (LaCroix Alpacas)

A safe halter rests high on the alpaca's nose bone.

Fitting an alpaca halter properly is extremely important for the sake of the alpaca. An improperly adjusted halter affects the alpaca's ability to breathe comfortably, and an uncomfortable alpaca will not behave well.

It is important to know that not all halters are suitable for alpacas. [An example of a very well-designed alpaca halter is the CAMELIDynamics Zephyr Halter.] The halter must fit the alpaca's head comfortably and the nose band must rest just in front of the eyes of the alpaca. This location supports the halter on the alpaca's hard nose bone; well above the soft tissue near the nostrils. If the halter is allowed to rest on the soft tissue, the alpaca's breathing is compromised by pressure from the halter, and the alpaca reacts to the resultant difficulty in breathing by resisting the lead line.

A properly fitted halter makes it much easier to train and lead an alpaca so be certain that you are diligent when haltering your alpacas.